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30 June 2005 @ 05:36 pm
Name: Greg House
Occupation: Private Investigator
Age: 42
Physical Traits: Tall, with slightly curly brown hair going grey. Bright blue eyes. He walks with a limp after being shot in the thigh several years previous. Relitively thin build, but suprisingly muscular. Can be rather menacing looking if he wants to be (and let's face it, he usually wants to be.).
Personality Traits: Rude, abrasive, sarcastic, and bitter. He's never nice to anyone, not even Detective Wilson. He hates stupidity and incompetance and his irritability increases when there's a strong presence of either of those traits in the person he's talking to. Generally not a guy you'd want to be around. He's brilliant, though, and one of the best PIs (or really, detectives of any kind) in the city.
Background: House has always been something of a jackass. He lived a relatively normal life up until his thirties - after high school he found himself working his way up the chain of command at the police department. He hated the corruption, which made the other officers wary of him and didn't earn him many friends within the department. He found his one good friend in the form of James Wilson. Wilson was a new recruit who seemed to have morals similar to House's - he too hated the corruption on the force and wanted to fight against it. They quickly became friends and before long they were more than that - casual sex, which led to the most fucked up relationship anyone else could imagine (they found it quite comfortable and normal.). Wilson was married and House was in a long term relationship with a woman who was compeltely aware of and comfortable with House's relationship with Wilson.
House's career with the PD ended six years ago - he was working a routine case when he got stuck in the middle of a mob shoot-out. He was hit in the thigh and though he was rushed to the hospital, they weren't able to get all of the bullet fragments out. He was left with chronic pain, a limp, and a perscription for some mysterious white pills that he refuses to elaborate on that seem to help with the pain.
After he was released from the hospital, House learned that the cops knew that the mob was going to be hitting the liquor store they were at when House stumbled upon them, but that for a signifigant amount of hush money, they had agreed to turn a blind eye. No one had bothered to mention it to House prior to his assignment at the apartment building across the street, and when he found out afterwards he quit in a fit of fury. Not long after that the story came out. The police commisioner and several cops were fired, and the new commisioner was elected. To everyone's surprise, they elected a woman - Lisa Cuddy, one of the very few female officers in the department. She immediately began to put a stop to the corruption and set House up with a very nice pension for being injured in the line of duty. She tried to convince him to come back to the department, but he refused.
After a year and a half of living on his stipend, Wilson convinced House to open his own Private Investigation office. The idea appealled to House, who never quite lost his love for solving mysteries. Soon he was in business, with clients refered to him by Wilson and even Cuddy when the cops couldn't help them. In no time his reputation was so good that he had nearly eliminated the competition.

Currently, House is running his PI offices. He makes a lot of money, which allows him to live in quite a bit of style. He has a newly hired assistant - Eric Foreman - and a secretary named Robert Chase. Wilson still assists him and acts as a sort of "sidekick", something he's able to do more and more frequently now that he's been promoted to supervisor and is mostly stuck doing paperwork.
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House looked over the kid's file closely as he leaned back in his chair.

"The problem here is that the position of 'assistant' has already been filled," he said, looking at the kid over the top of his resume and references. "I hired a guy last week. He's working out well."

Foreman snorted derisvely from the outer office making sure it was loud enough for House to hear.

"But I thought you said there was a position open," the kid said almost frantically. "I was under the impression that when my father called--"

House chuckled. This was too much fun. He only wished that Wilson could be there to mock with him, maybe even to help him freak the kid out some more. They could do the old "where's the body" routine they had used on his last assistant, or argue about torture, or - if he was feeling daring - play footsie under the desk. The possibilities were endless, and from the pitch of this kid's voice, House could tell he was high-strung enough to meltdown at any of those games. He wondered how long it would be until he needed to put an ad out for a new secretary. That is, if the kid would lower himself to take the job at all...

"There is a position open," House said casually, sitting up again and placing the closed file on the desk. "But... I don't think someone of your status would be interested in it." He looked away, still watching the kid out of the corner of his eye, waiting for him to bite.

"What is it?"

"I need a secretary."

The beat of silence that House was expecting. And then...

"I'll take it."

Huh. He turned quickly to look at the kid through narrowed eyes. That was unexpected. "What?"

"No, that's really perfect," the kid said, grinning. "You see... I don't really want to go into police work, but my father... well, he accepted the corruption of the force as an excuse, but then pointed me in this direction and this just works out... brilliantly. I can tell him this was the only position you have open and he'll be satisfied, and I won't have to do any actual work, so I'll be satisfied."

Huh. "But you've got remarkable investigative skills. You're telling me you want to sit behind a desk and file?"

"I can take dictation too. And answer the phones. It might even drum up clients for you. Women think the accent is sexy."

House smiled, slowly, and offered his hand to the kid. "Robert Chase, welcome to House Investigations." They shook and House shook his head to himself. He couldn't wait to tell Wilson about this one.
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